Finding purpose from brokenness

So, I have alwDSC_0028ays wanted to write a book. Hasn’t everyone? It has been said that 80% of Americans have the desire to write a book. That’s 200 million people! Well, I finally did it!

I have been writing in some form since I was about 13. I won’t tell you how many years ago that was but some of you can do the math. For the past three years or so, I have been writing weekly study material for my church that is used by various small groups in our local congregation. This study material accompanies the weekly sermon. Last December, my pastor emailed me to ask if it would be possible for me to write a daily devotional type study to accompany his new 12-week series on the topic of broken which was starting in January. It was an interesting idea so I said, “Sure, let me see what I can do.” Over the next two weeks, I wrote twenty daily devotionals with Bible references and study questions. January’s four weeks were printed in the church office and was available for distribution to the congregation on Sunday, January 1. We were off and running!

What pastor didn’t know was that I had just lost about 75% of my self-employed income due to changes in the insurance market. I had plenty of time to write. With January finished, I went straight to work on February and March. As I dug deep into the topic of brokenness, I began to realize that it was just what I needed to minister to the brokenness that I was feeling. All my hard work and dreams for the future had been broken. I was scrambling to recover. My spirit needed healing and digging into God’s word was just what I needed to mend my brokenness.

I was really sad when my writing assignment ended. Then it occurred to me that in two months I had accomplished a lifelong dream — I had written a book. Friends and family started asking how they could get a copy of my Bible study. I checked into printing it at the local office supply — it was too thick and way too expensive. So, after much prayer and discussion, I called my writing guild friend who is a self-publisher to get it printed professionally like a real book. Well, my first book, BROKEN: Finding purpose from brokenness, is well underway and should be available the first of July.  Exciting!

And, yes, I have another project underway. When you get into a habit of writing every day, you miss it so I had to start on book number two!

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