Today is Doughnut Day AND Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

20190208_090059I am surprised everyone is not off from work today. After all, it is National Doughnut Day AND National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! I know this because one of my favorite bakeries in Greeneville, Tennessee, Peggy Ann Bakery, has been counting down the days until National Doughnut Day on their Facebook page for the last week. They are giving away a free, glazed doughnut today to every patron. Jerry and I considered driving up there this morning but a four hour drive for a free doughnut is just a fun dream.

Then, later in the morning, I received a text from Yogurt Mountain in Hermitage offering me a 20% discount because it is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. Our niece’s daughter worked there for a couple of summers and it became a favorite hangout when our grand kids were visiting. We have been known to stop by on a warm, summer evening for a cup of YOMO when it was just the two of us.

Sadly, this double whammy of national days is especially upsetting for me this year.

In February, I confirmed what I had already suspected about cow’s milk and wheat. My delicate digestion just can’t take the stress. I could hear the concern in the voice of the nurse from my allergy doctor’s office. “You may want to write this down,” she said, before she started the lists of things I needed to eliminate at least for the time being. She seemed more upset about it than I did. For me, it was a relief. It was an explanation for the misery I had been experiencing, well, since I ate pumpkin cake doughnuts from Peggy Ann’s back in October. To make matters worse, I washed them down with a delicious, lavender latte. My gastroenterologist wasn’t able to help me even after numerous tests and blood work. OK, if I will feel better by not eating these things, I will do it!

Krispy Kreme

I haven’t talked about it much. Of course, anyone who has eaten a meal with mrecently knows that I am “special” and “one of those people.” It is interesting the comments people make when you say you can’t eat wheat or milk products (yes, that includes cheese). They think you are either a freak or un-American. Frankly, that was my attitude before all this happened. I am a little ashamed to admit that now. A couple of weeks ago, a lady looked down her nose at me and said my unhealthy diet had caused my current situation. At the time, I was discussing Krispy Kreme doughnuts and how I believed the manna God provided was similar to Krispy Kremes. She may be right but it seemed like a mean thing to say to a total stranger.

Don’t feel sorry for me. I feel so much better. I have not eaten wheat since November and no dairy since February. My doctor suggested I eat an elimination diet for at least six months but probably more like a year before I start adding some items back in tiny doses. It is not that bad. Fortunately, I cook quite a bit so I have been able to modify many of my favorite recipes. My sweet husband has been understanding. God love him. The doughnuts on the orange plate shown above are are made with gluten-free flour and almond milk. They are yummy! For Memorial Day, I made homemade, vanilla ice cream with almond milk and everyone loved it. It was nice to have someone want to eat something made for the freak.

Please. Go. Eat. Doughnuts. Chocolate ice cream. I won’t miss them at all.


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