You are only as young as yesterday’s baby

*** Originally written July 23, 2011 as a writing assignment for my writer’s guild.

As small group directors for our church, my husband and I met with a young couple recently to discuss their ministry to “young people.” I tried to explain to this twentysomething couple that, unless you are constantly cycling new folks in and out, the group that started out to be a group of “young people” will eventually become a group of “older people.” They didn’t quite grasp that concept. They think of themselves as being young, hip and cool. I could tell by the way they were looking at us when we talked about being young once that they don’t believe it is going to happen to them. Even at their tender age, they are not as young as they think. As a home-owning, married, professional couple, they cannot relate to a teenager who just graduated from high school as much as they might think.

You are only as young as yesterday’s baby. Unless, you were born yesterday, you are not young anymore. Technology, science, music, and media change at the speed of light. This week I traded in my two-year-old phone for a new one. The old one was cutting edge technology two years ago. I was the first person in my circle of friends to have one like it. Now, almost everyone has one like it and mine was worn out and outdated. Do I really need the lightning speed of 4G? Evidentially, I do. No one can be constantly hip and cool about every topic. You can only hope to be moderately up to date on topics of interest to you.

Aging happens to everyone without them even being aware of it. How did I get to be 59 years old? The only current music artists I know are the ones I see on American Idol. Regardless of their music genre, my husband will say, “Let’s at least listen to them for a minute so we will know who they are.” I used to know the names of all the hot bands and all the words to the top songs. My grandchildren are amazed when I start singing along to a song we hear. Of course, it is usually the instrumental version of an old Beetles tune that is being piped into the restroom.

I am so old that I have outlived the space program. How did that happen? After the last space shuttle mission, we were watching a TV program about the history of the space program with our grandson who is ten. He seemed to be oblivious that there even was a space program. He can kill a hundred space invaders on a video game, but he doesn’t seem to care that man once walked on the moon or that we just ended what was once the proudest accomplishment of the United States — manned space flight.

What is in store for yesterday’s baby? I certainly cannot imagine. I do know that they are no longer young and hip and cool. They have been replaced by today’s baby.